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Manure Pumping

Greenline Manure Pumps

A flush system will substantially dilute the solids content of the material available for processing, dilution rates can vary from 10:1 to 2:1 parts of water to manure. The final solids concentration will typically be below 2%. The costs to operate and maintain a flush system are dominated by the cost to transfer liquid for flushing. Depending on topography, several high horsepower pumps are often required.

With impellers designed for low turbulence and wear, to heavy duty shaft bearing assemblies, GreenLine manure pumps are built to last. The GreenLine pump line offers a full range of pump sizes and horsepower to meet your requirements. We can accommodate your needs with anything from a half horsepower pump to move fifty gallons per minute in our 118 series, to two hundred horsepower to move five thousand gallons per minute in our 250 series. With GreenLine’s robust casting and exacting tolerance specifications, we can ensure proper performance and reliability for years to come.

Sand Separator

One Shot Cow Sand Bedding Recovery System

Daritech’s One Shot sand separation system is the one piece of equipment you need to lift, rinse, and stack quality reusable bedding sand! Combined with a cross auger for high capture, our patented dual flight design allows sand to lift and settle in the process of rotating up the tube of the One Shot.

Along with our choice of manure separators and augers, we offer our DT360 separators with our unique hybrid screen. The DT360 provides high quality process water and high fiber capture, giving the dairymen clean sand, clean fiber, and clean lagoons.

Our full line of GreenLine pumps complement our Sand Recovery System, providing excellent value with heavy duty, high wear resistance for pumping recycled water and sand laden manure.