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Doda Systems
Doda Pumping Systems

Doda Vertical Pumps

  • Patented Doda chopping system
  • 3”,4”,5”,6”, and 8” pumps
  • PTO, hydraulic and electric drive options

Doda Horizontal Pumps

  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Patented Doda chopping system
  • Higher pressure output
  • PTO or Electric drive
  • Also available in vertical mount
Doda Screw Press

Doda 780 Heavy Duty Screw Press

  • Stainless steel construction with user-friendly side doors to inspect inside of machine
  • 8mm thick loading chamber to absorb additional torque
  • Oversized planetary drive with automatic greasers
  • Additional weights for added squeezing pressure
  • Stainless Cast, and Stainless Steel Cast Fat augers available
  • Heavy duty wedge wire screens for exceptional separation available at .5mm, .75mm, or 1mm widths
  • Cantilever arms with moveable weights to adjust solids dryness
  • Chopper knives (7) destroy foreign items trying to enter unit
  • Tungsten-Carbide seal system and warning to keep weep hole assures no liquid contamination of planetary drive
Doda BioGas

Doda BioGas Mixer

  • Stainless steel construction with an oil bath drive line
  • 3 blade propeller with optimized profile which allows for greater mixing power
  • BG80 and BG 500 models powered by an electric motor with a reduction gear to rotate at either 80 or 500 RPMs.Roof or wall frame mounting
  • Roof or wall frame mounting
  • Mixing arm is engineered to swing, up and down, left and right; to fit customized mixing effects