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Cuff Farm Services
Cuff Farm Services

Welcome to CFS

Cuff Farm Services (CFS) is a locally owned agricultural business based in Cayuga County, New York. Stan Cuff, the President and Operator has spent his entire life farming. With the hands-on knowledge gained through his experiences, he has devoted his time and energy to making manure management more environmentally friendly and cost effective.

Cuff Farm Services specializes in lowering the cost of manure application, improving nutrient control and utilization, producing and managing high quality bedding material, mitigating manure storage odor, designing and fabricating dragline systems, and provides sales and maintenance of irrigation and manure separation equipment.

Goal Focused

Skills & Expertise

Our location in Cayuga County is heavily populated with dairy farms. The network, Cayuga Marketing was formed with the commitment to producing the highest quality milk. Stan and the CFS Company continuously correspond with the group to move the farm industry forward.

Waste Management
Health & Wellness
Dairy Sustainability
Equipment & Parts

Our Mission

Implement technologies and management systems which produce value-added products from manure and other organic resources available on dairy farms to:

  • Enhance fertilization of crops
  • Produce compost for local and regional markets
  • Process manure for bedding cows as a sustainable alternative to conventional bedding materials.
  • Ensure optimal conditions for animal health and comfort.
  • Improve environmental management.
  • Promote local and neighbor relations.
Cuff Farm Services

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