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Pull Types

Pull Type Toolbar

Built out of our own experience in the field, Puck’s Pull-Type Toolbars lead the industry in effective, efficient application. More width means increased flow and decreased ground speed, allowing you to achieve a more thorough, successful application without sacrificing time. With continuous innovations, performance-proven strength and a design that is easy to transport, our Pull-Type Toolbars will help your operation be successful and make your job easier in the field.

  • Increased width increase flow
  • Wider applicator bar increases allows you to increase flow rates
  • Increase flow rates to maintain similar ground speed, or decrease ground speed with the same flow rates
  • 8” Puck swingarm
  • 24- or 30-inch row spacings
  • Widths form 35 to 55 feet
  • Narrow and Shorter transport height with front-fold applicators
  • Easy to switch tractors from one applicator to another
  • 3-point hitch needed
Improved Efficiency

Puck’s first front-fold, 45-foot application allows for easier turns while in the ground and on the end rows.

New Torsion Flex Injector

Coulter-style tillage tool designed by Bauer Built, a leader in toolbar designs.

Bauer Toolbar

Puck’s Bauer Toolbar is an innovative manure applicator designed to tackle tough conditions and bring you results in the field. It has a large width that brings increased flow, allowing you to slow down the tractor without sacrificing time. Puck teamed up with Bauer Built Manufacturing to produce a 45-foot applicator with easier turns in the ground and on the end rows, more travel per row and less maintenance. The durable applicator, developed through the combination of Bauer Built’s years of toolbar experience with the DB planter line and Puck’s expertise in manure application, leads the way forward in manure application technology.

  • Torsion flex swivel row units
  • Sealed closer bearing
  • Oil bath main opener
  • 3 distributers with individual dump gates
  • 8” swingers with 8” flow meter
  • Sealed swing-arm bearings
  • Front-fold double 4×6 bar
  • 12.5’ transport width
  • Hydraulic fold for swingers and bar eliminated need to get out and change axle pins
  • 80 series flotation tires
  • LCD bar control
  • Individual wing tip control for easy turn-around with coulters in the ground
  • Frame built by Bauer Built, which has over 20 years of toolbar experience

3PT Toolbar

Puck’s 3-Point Toolbar is a toolbar that flows and is built to adapt to the unique needs of your operation. Application jobs require different styles and widths depending on the customer, and the 3-Point Toolbar can be customized with the tools and the size you need. Featuring bigger flows, a longer life and less maintenance, this toolbar is another way Puck is leading the industry in manure application equipment, with proven performance and customer-focused innovation.

  • Complete applicator for easy setup on a 3-point hitch
  • Row spacing as narrow as 24 inches
  • Equipped with Krohne Flow Meter
  • 6” to 8” piping for bigger flows
  • Hydraulic dampening cylinder on swing-arm
  • 360-degree swivel on hose hookup
  • Longer life and less maintenance with new Slewing bearing design on swing-arm
4WD Systems

4WD Swingarm

Puck’s 4-Wheel Drive mounted Swingarm is the easiest and most efficient way to run an applicator. Fits right on the tractor, the 4WD Swingarm allows you to turn around quickly and precisely, navigating rough terrain and difficult field conditions to deliver nutrients to the ground. These accurate turns eliminate the need for backing up, and your hose stays flat and level during all turnarounds.

  • Equipped with 8” flow meter
  • Slewing bearing swivel results in minimal maintenance on swingarm
  • Hydraulic shut-off gates
  • Pig launcher for easy clean-out
  • Can be fitted to almost any tractor
  • Operates independently from toolbar for easy tool change
  • Easily hooks up to multiple applicator bars
  • Less stress on toolbar and tractor during turn-arounds
  • No need to rewire flow meter when changing tools
  • Turn around without backing up
  • Swinger sits directly above axle to provide much easier operation